Complete the registration process to get a BMCC medical cannabis prescription anywhere in Canada. Once our medical professionals provide you with a prescription, we can set up a virtual consultation appointment to discuss alternative treatment plans.

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Application for medical cannabis prescription

Take the time to fill out the attached questionnaire – your submission will allow us to assess your potential tolerance to cannabis, learn about your medical condition(s) and find the best alternative treatment solution to improve your quality of life.
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Complete your online video consultation with our licensed medical practitioners, discuss if medical cannabis is a safe, alternative treatment plan for you. After providing them with an outline of your past medical history, they will carefully review if medical cannabis prescription may be the right solution.
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Find out if you’re eligible

The process may take up to a few days to complete; please keep a lookout for our email. Add “BMCC” to your recognized contact list so that the approval email comes to your inbox (rather than your spam or junk folders). Once all forms have been completed and are approved you are invited to place an order online from our variety of medical cannabis products.