Our Process

We provide simple steps designed with patient care in mind. Please speak to our medical professionals who can better understand your personal needs and guide you through the registration process.

Prior to your appointment:

Schedule your appointment

Register online, and we will contact you shortly for an appointment.. Please note that a medical practioner’s prescription is required for medical cannabis use.

Forms to complete

Completing the appropriate patient intake forms ahead of your appointment can help you make the most out of your scheduled appointment time.

During your appointment:

Attend a consultation

Meet with a medical practitioner who will assess your medical cannabis fit. Be an active participant – ask them questions and determine whether medical cannabis is right for you.

Create your treatment

If eligible, a medical practitioner will work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs and provide you with a patient guide, as well as a journal to assess your journey. This will include a legal prescription that gives you the freedom to choose from our growing selection of medical cannabis products.

Order your prescription

Order online. Get your prescription shipped directly to your door. We make it easy for you.

After your appointment:

Ongoing support

Our patient care specialists are available to answer via email, phone, or chat to resolve any questions you may have.

Follow-up appointments

Typically after three months, an appointment is scheduled to meet with our healthcare practitioners to check-in whether your treatment plan is working as desired. These appointments can be booked on an “as needed” basis.